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I met the beautiful Miriam Scott in 2021 in search of someone to cater to my needs for Valentine's Day. I was looking for a valentines day package for my fiancé, and I called every spa, but I couldn't find any spa to cater to my needs until I came across the Chocolate Day Spa in Croydon, Sydney. She was closed at the time, being a Sunday; however, Miriam could tell how desperate I was to find something last minute. She was more than happy to put a package together for me and get my fiancé and me into the spa. When I arrived at the spa, she was very organised and had the spa set up for us. We had the 3-hour Cleopatra Goddess package, which includes a 90-mins Cleopatra Anti-Cellulite treatment, a 60-min Essential Facial, and a 30-min Aromatherapy relaxation massage plus facial treatment Perfection X. With a complimentary bottle of champagne and valentines' snacks on arrival, it was honestly one of the best experiences I have ever had.

After that, Miriam completed a skin consultation and skin analysis and noticed that I had bad acne breakouts on my face. At the time, I was working long hours and having hormonal changes in my body, and I didn't even know how to wash my face correctly. She suggested I do a program that would clear my skin and give me the refreshment that I was way overdue. I trusted that Miriam knew what she was doing, so I signed up for the 6-month program, which included micro-needling every 4 to 6 weeks, microdermabrasion every 4 to 6 weeks, perfection X every fortnight, and an Essential facial every week. Within the first month, I could tell there was a difference in my skin! I have been with Miriam for over a year now, and my skin is the best it's ever been. Miriam certainly knows what she is doing; she has been in the industry for over 15+ years and is highly recommended. Thank you for fixing my skin, you've made a massive difference in my life, and I wouldn't trust anyone else as much as I trust you with my skin.

After Miriam fixed my skin and I was off the program, it still didn't stop me from going to the spa. We have grown into being close friends and business acquaintances, much more than just a therapist and client. Miriam launched her own company named Barelife Naturals Australia in 2022. which has gone global. I am honoured to be a part of that, being her brand ambassador and model because she has fixed my skin. I want to share how it's possible to become the best version of themselves, just as she helped me. Miriam is a true inspiration and role model; her products and treatments are natural and organic. She is one therapist who knows what she is doing and doesn't worry about the dollar amount but worries about your skin and how she can help you fix it. She is so confident about her service that she is even prepared to give you a full refund if the treatment does not work. She truly wants the best for everyone's skin because she also faced the same thing once in her life. Her talent and work have inspired me to become a beauty therapist. I found my passion for skin dermatology through her just from fixing my skin and making me understand how our skin works and what works best. Her knowledge and treatments truly speak for themselves!

Check her out at www.chocolatedayspa.com.au / www.barelifenaturalsaustralia.com.au or drop by the spa for a chat.

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