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A simply wicked alternative...

Uma Thurman, Madonna and Victoria Beckham are all reported to indulge in chocolate body treatments... so why don't you..?

Indulging Facials

At Chocolate Day Spa we endeavour to provide you with the ultimate indulgence in Beauty Therapy treatments. Your qualified skincare therapist will conduct a thorough consultation to uncover your skincare needs.

Skinovage Facial 60 min $99

Whether your skin needs hydrating , revitalising, age defying or regeneration, these facials will leave your skin feeling radiant and alive. Your therapist will analyse your skin, discuss and select with you the treatment which will best suit your needs.

MIMICAL CONTROL: To combat expression lines
COMPLEX C: Brighten your complexion
MOIST INTENSE: The thirst quencher
ARGAN: Soften, plump and smooth your skin

Collagen Booster Facial Radiant and refined 75 mins $140

This results driven treatment plumps the complexion leaving your skin INSTANTLY radiant! Perfect for any special occasion. The collagen fleece helps smooth & refine the skin for a flawless effect.

Skin Renewal Facial AHA Illuminating and radiant 60 mins $99 (8 treatment package $690)

A course of 8 treatments is highly recommended for best results. Let your skin breathe with renewed vitality and radiance. The perfect treatment for skin that is dull, with uneven skin tone & texture. Special plant extracts reduce excess pigment marks to illuminate the skin whilst also promoting a smooth soft refined complexion.

Express Facial: cleansing and clarifying 30 mins $69

An express facial for people on the run. Includes diagnosis, cleanse, exfoliation and treatment cream. Great as an introductory facial or those with little time.

Extractions 20 mins $35

Boost treatments

BABOR Mini Crash Hydrating Fluids $10per ampule

Eye Treatment 15min (quick & uplifting) $22

Microdermabrasion 30 mins $89

Illuminate dull skin, refresh and improve uneven skintone.

Microdermabrasion FRESH Look facial (includes microdermabrasion) 60 mins $129 series of 5 ($500)

Fantastic refresher or for specific skin problems. This includes cleansing, microdermabrasion, BABOR fluid and mask.

ADD a hydrating, moisture plus collagen mask to any facial or microdermabrasion. Instant results! $45


Personality is the most beautiful key to vibrant, fascinating charisma.

Being natural, having extraordinary preferences or that certain unmistakable charm people's individual traits make them unique.

This is why every woman is different. And so is her skin. BABOR respects the individuality of each woman and her skin. Having a daily skin care regimen tailored to the various needs of your skin is essential to maintaining your own unique beauty. BABOR SYSTEM GOLD is a personalised skin care system customised for every skin type for beautiful and lasting radiance. Speak with one of our expert BABOR beauticians and discover your personal skin care system.

To determine the right BABOR SYSTEM GOLD line for you, our beauty specialists define the two key characteristics of your skin:

  1. The skin type, which is genetically predetermined: dry, oily or combination skin
  2. The skin condition, which each skin type can develop in response to people's living habits, such as environmental factors, stress and diet. BABOR distinguishes between sensitive skin and distressed skin in need of regeneration.

Based on this personal skin care profile, our excellent cosmetics can give each skin type exactly what it needs. Perfectly nourished and effectively protected from negative influences, the skin can achieve its ideal balance both inside and out

Body Treatments

Every body treatment is unique in its benefits with an end result always being to detoxify the body, destress the mind & revitalise the senses. Our signature body treatment includes the chocolate body scrap which smells the divine and is hydrating for the skin.

Indulging Chocolate Cocoa Scrub 60 mins $99

This body treatment will stimulate your sense and will leave your skin feeling soft and hydrated. Stimulate your senses and enjoy the benefits of cocoa .


Full Body exfoliation 60 mins $99

Your choice of SALT, MUD or HERBAL scrubs Includes body hydrating Moisterising lotion application

Body Wraps

Cleopatra Milk Wrap Stimulating Herbal Peel and Volcanic Mud Wrap Detoxifying algae body slimming wrap Bathing Treatment.

Cleopatra Milk Wrap 90mins $169

This exotic wrap provides the ultimate results for those who aspire to attain beautiful skin like the ancient queen, Cleopatra! Beginning with a Salt scrub to exfoliate the body the skin is stimulated, invigorated and free of dead skin cells. This luxurious wrap contains hydrating & revitalising milk extracts which are deeply absorbed into the skin leaves you and your skin relaxed and hydrated.

Stimulating Herbal Peel & Volcanic Mud Wrap 90mins $169

Enjoy the sensory journey of herbs that will customise your relaxing body treatment and stimulate the senses from start to finish. A detoxifying Volcanic fango mud, known for its healing properties and helping to flush impurities from the skin, is applied over the entire body leaving the skin beautifully soft and supple, incorporating a herb scrub that will exfoliate your skin followed by a creamy nourishing body pack full of herbs. Whilst you relax with the power of the herbs, your skin will soak up the nourishing active ingredients leaving the skin soft as silk.

Detoxifying algae body slimming wrap (60mins)$159

A Slimming and detoxifying Wrap incorporating Canadian Salts to exfoliate your skin. Your body will then be coated in spirulina algae to firm and strengthen the skin tone hydrates and firms. A great way to firm body contours.

Body Massage

At chocolate day spa, we use chocolate spice massage oil in all our massage treatment.

Smells amazing!

• Swedish Massage

• hot stone Massage

• Signature aromatherapy massage 

1 hr Swedish Massage $85

1 hr Hot Stone Massage $99

30min Swedish Massage $45

60min signature aromatherapy massage $89 (complimentary choice of stimulating aromatic oils)


BABOR Organic Skin Care

New values, a new consciousness, many people are turning towards themselves on a journey of self-discovery. They are searching for freedom from stress, relaxation, health, sustainability and permanence.

A new consumer consciousness has developed along with a new target group, the so-called LOHAS (Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability). These people want to enjoy their lives to the fullest, which includes enjoying luxury. At the same time, they want to live in harmony with nature. Environmental consciousness and luxury can co-exist and are no longer mutually exclusive. Like many other trends, this one was born in the US and is being lived by many people there already, including Madonna, Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz.

The BABOR research laboratories have developed an extraordinary product line based on this trend. This organic skin care collection meets the needs of its lifestyle-oriented customers. They want natural ingredients and the assurance that the manufacturer has a commitment to the respectful use of nature and sustainability. At the same time, the product should be of high quality and reflect their elegant lifestyles. This phenomenon is also known as "green glamour".

While so-called natural cosmetics are primarily free of toxins, organic cosmetics go one step further. Organic skin care products represent the purest possible form of natural cosmetics.

Leave the stress of everyday life behind and experience beauty in its purest form: the baborganic treatment at the institute surprises with a soft, snowflake-like feeling on the skin and an extraordinary massage with real rock crystals. An experience of pure indulgence.


All waxing treatments are performed using the most hygienic techniques & the best products available including specially selected Brazilian wax for delicate skin areas.

We use Strawberry, So Berry, Blueberry and Vanilla, with a hint of coconut wax.


Lower Half Leg $30

Upper Half Leg $32

3⁄4 Leg $40

Full Leg $60

Basic Bikini $20

G-String Bikini $30

Brazilian $50

Half Arm $18

Full Arm $35

Underarm $22

Stomach from $20

Neck $15

Navel $10

Eyebrows $15

Eyebrows & Lip $25

Lip or Chin $20

Full Face (excl brows) $25

Face Line $15

Cheeks $10


Back & shoulders $60

Chest Wax $50

Chest + Stomach $59

Legs Full $70

Legs Half $40

Neck $20

Ears $15

Eyebrows $22

Nose $15


Cheeks $22


Eyelash Tint $20

Eyebrow Tint $15

Eyelash & Eyebrow tint combination $30

Eyebrow deluxe Shape (compl tint)$30






















Manicures & Pedicures

• Pedicure
• Golden Spa Pedicure
• Mani To Go
• File and Polish

Pedicure 30 mins $30

For basic foot care that is fuss free! We look after your calloused skin, cuticles and nails and polish to finish.

Golden Spa Pedicure 60 mins $49

Our facial for the feet includes a scrub, mask or parrafin, calloused skin removal, cuticle & nail care, massage & polish to top it all off.

Mani To Go 30 mins $29

For basic hand care this treatment is fuss free! We look after your cuticles & nails and polish to finish.

Golden Spa Manicure 60 mins $45

The ultimate in hand care! Our facial for the hands includes a scrub, mask or parrafin, cuticle & nail care, massage & polish to top it all off.

Add Parrafin or Rose Mask 15min $20


Shellac colour (hands) $30

Shellac french tip (hands) $40


French Nails $10

buff & polish Hands $15

buff & polish Feet $18

French polish (Feet) is an additional $10

Paraffin treatment hands $20

Paraffin treatment feet $20

Spray Tanning

Legs & Upper half spray $25

Spray Tan $40

Scrub & Spray Tan $89


Treat your eyelashes and eyebrows to a deluxe Argan treatment which will not only tint but will condition and regenerate a healthy growth.

Argan eyelash tint                    15min      $30
Argan brow tint                         10min     $25
Argan lash/brow combo tint.      25 min.   $50


Top of the range Make-up used for make-up application by a certified Make up artist

Special occasion $70

Yr 10/12 formal $50

Indulging Relaxing Packages

• Mr Grey Package
• The Ultimate Escape Package
• Chocolate Delight Package
• Cleopatra Goddes Package
• Serenity Now Package

MR GREY PACKAGE           2.5 hrs      $179

Unwind with a 60 min full Body Swedish Massage followed by a Scalp Massage, Indulge in a Babor refreshing facial finishing off with a Golden Spa Pedicure!

THE ULTIMATE ESCAPE PACKAGE       2.5 hrs       $199

Release yourself in to another world with this essential pampering package. Unwind with a holistic full body massage and then enjoy a classic refreshing facial, eyebrow tint, eyebrow wax and a spa deluxe pedicure...

CHOCOLATE DELIGHT PACKAGE         2.5 hrs $199

Complimentary Chocolates, the sweetest indulgence! Indulge in a chocolate body scrub, rinse of in the rejuvenating spa capsule, enjoy a 30 min chocolate spice swedish massage and finish of with a coffee foot scrub with a pedicure!

BRIDEZILLA PACKAGE                      3.5 hrs   $299

A perfect package for a bride to prepare for her special day.  Enjoy a 60 min Vichy Salt scrub followed by a Skinovage facial, A shellac Manicure and a Golden spa pedicure accompanied by a glass of Champagne or green tea and delicious chocolates.

CLEOPATRA GODDESS PACKAGE     3.5 hrs     $369

This treatments begins with our signature Collagen booster Facial designed to plumpand rejuvenate the skin.Followed by a smooth milk salt peeling and cleopatra body wrap, Eyebrow tint, eyebrow wax and you will emerge with silky soft skin. We finish with a manicure and a pedicure to polish off the new you!

SERENITY NOW PACKAGE     1.5 hrs     $129

Enjoy a 60 min skinovage facial to rejuvenate and deep cleanse your skin and indulge in a 30 min heavenly back massage to follow.  A complimentary 5 min scalp massage and green tea to finish.


A range of treatments including speaking to a therapist about the treatment program you are interested in and explore your senses.... We can customise a program to suit you.


• stimulates the body
• energises the body like a jog on the beach, increases blood circulation
• finishes with a refreshing 360 degree Vichy Shower.


• hydrofusion restoring your body's natural balance
• helps the body naturally cleanse itself


• rejuvenates the body
• refreshes and relaxes the body
• calms the body


• rejuvenates the body
• relaxes the body


• temporary aids in the temporary relief of localised pain
• underbody massage eases body tension


• smooths and tones the skin
• refreshing


• relaxing
• energises the body


• creates a meditative state
• calmimg
• relaxing


• beauty booster
• restores skin balance
• improves skin natural glow


• provides a sense of revitalization
• energize booster

Spa Capsule

A range of treatments including, speak to a therapist about the treatment program you are interested in and explore your senses We can customise a program to suit you.

Let yourself be swept away on one of our beauty journeys to the endless depths and secrets of the ocean; to Asia and its traditional healing treatments; to warm, luxurious worlds of fragrances for complete and total relaxation. Or to discover the original BABOR experiences which immerse you in the exquisite freshness of a volcanic lake and allow you to feel and enjoy the power of native herbs and berries.

BABOR BODY SPA treatment system:

NATURE BEAUTY - beauty from the power of nature

AROMA BEAUTY - beauty through sensual well-being

MARITIME BEAUTY - beauty from the power of the ocean

The BABOR BODY SPA treatment system offers an unparalleled combination of beneficial skin and body-improving treatments which provide unsurpassed results.

Combined with Chocolate Day Spa state of the art premium hydrospa technology Spa Jet 2G you will enjoy your body treatments more than ever before.


"A sweet experience"

136 Georges River Rd  Croydon Park  NSW  2133

Phone : 8964 9955
Email :


Monday :        Closed
Tuesday :       By Appointment
Wednesday :  10:00am - 8:00pm
Thursday :     10:00am - 5:00pm
Friday :          10:00am - 5:00pm
Saturday :      10:00am - 5:00pm
Sunday :        Closed


Available on Georges River Rd Eastbound at any time after 10:00am (Mon-Fri).
Westbound parking is available anytime up to 3:00pm, as there is a Clearway till 7:00pm (Mon-Fri).
Excluding Saturday, parking is available anytime as there is no clear way.
During clearway hours please park your vehicle across the road or on the patch of grass next door to the Chocolate Day Spa.

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Professional and Welcoming

I found the staff member very professional and welcoming. She helped relax me after I was running late. Wonderful massage.

Emily (Croydon Park)

A Great Way to Relax

Wow, what a great way to relax; the salon is decorated so beautifully and I must say very clean and friendly beautiful ladies. My experience with all the girls was very professional and honest information thrown my way to help me understand more about looking after my skin. Word of mouth is really the only way to advertise and I must say, Chocolate Day Spa has won me as client. Good luck ladies and keep up the good work. p.s. you dont leave without getting your chocolate either (well it is called chocolate day spa) yum, yum thank you xxx.

Rose (Belmore)

Love This Beauty Salon

Love this beauty salon. From the minute i walked in i felt the friendly, welcoming and beautiful experience. The staff were very friendly and welcoming, the chocolate upon arrival was such a sweet gesture. The service was an experience not to be missed. I will definitely be recommending to friends and going back again soon.

Alexandra (Belmore)