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Cleopatra Goddess - 3hrs


Behold! The queen has arrived! You will definitely feel like a queen after trying this package. This treatment will definitely cover everything from head to toes. Starting with 90 mins Cleopatra Anti Cellulite treatment, 60mins Essential Facial, and then ends with a 30mins Aromatherapy Massage.

Ultimate Escape - 2hrs


Release yourself into another world with this essential pampering package. Unwind with a holistic 60mins body exfoliation treatment, 30mins body massage, and then enjoy a 30mins Refreshing Facial.

Tropical Dream - 2hrs


Relaxation at its finest. This complete package will pamper yourself from head to toes. Enjoy 60mins body massage and 60mins Essential Facial.

Love Yourself - 1hr & 30min


A great package designed to pamper yourself or your loved one. You will be delighted and pampered with this package. Enjoy a holistic 60mins body exfoliation treatment and a 30mins Refreshing Facial.