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Athena Body Buff Treatment - 60min


Very popular choice to combat rough skin, ingrown hair and congested skin. This results to asofter and smoother glowing skin. We use organic sugar scrubs with jojoba oil andmacadamia oil and then covering your body with chocolate or seaweed clay.

Venus Coconut Body Scrub - 60min


Enjoy the sensory journey of relaxing body treatment with the benefits of coconut. This treatment is best for people who love the tropical smell of coconut and vanilla while your skin is being nourished, leaving your skin as soft as silk.

Cleopatra Anti-cellulite Wrap - 90min


This exotic wrap provides the ultimate results for those who aspire to attain beautiful skin like the ancient queen, Cleopatra! It is a high heat program beginning with a mud mask under a dry heat fusion and then continued with a rejuvenation program that will help burn fats and reduce the appearance of cellulite. It will finish with moisturizing cream with thermal lotion.